Gear Up for Family Fun at the Columbia County Fair!

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If you’re looking for fun things to do in and around Columbia County this season, bring the family to one of the best fall fairs in Georgia as the Columbia County Fair kicks off its 10-day run. From October 31 through November 10, the Grovetown, Georgia, attraction will celebrate 54 years of wholesome family fun with rides, entertainment, food, events, and spectacles ranging from motorsports to chainsaw sculpting to a demolition derby and more. A few things to know before you go: Parking for the fair is free and only diaper bags are permitted inside (no backpacks). Only service animals are allowed inside the fairgrounds.

Here’s a complete guide to this year’s fair with everything you need to know to have an amazing time…

Opening Night (Oct 31): One of the top things to do near Augusta, Georgia, this Halloween is heading out to opening night at the Columbia County Fair. There’s FREE admission and a $15 unlimited ride special to kick off the 10-day event. Opening night is full of food, music, opening night acts, and plenty of high-energy entertainment, so catch the excitement of kickoff night – and then you can always go back for more!

OSCAR The Robot: One of the main attractions at the Columbia County Fair comes in the form of a helpful robot named OSCAR, who speaks 37 languages and directs visitors to different attractions, sometimes even surprising guests around the fairgrounds. Snap a photo with OSCAR and give the kids a glimpse of their first real robot as he travels around the fairgrounds. Maybe you can even make a game out of trying to find and take a “selfie” with the famous bot.

Master Chainsaw Sculptor: If you’ve never thought of wielding a chainsaw as an art form, head to the fair to watch Masters of Chainsaw work their magic.  Performances start on opening night and happen throughout the festival run. The art of sculpting with a chainsaw has become a worldwide phenomenon, and these daily performances give the whole family a chance to witness the spectacle in action and take plenty of photos to share with friends.

Fast Action Motorsport Entertainment: Step up and get into the “driver’s seat” as you take part in the Fair’s interactive attraction that allows visitors to control stock cars, tough trucks, hot rods and more. The 24×16 raceway allows 4-10 people to compete at one time, so get ready to race – and maybe even walk away with a trophy.

Jurassic Kingdom: This is a brand new addition to the fair lineup, and it’s a live-action show that gives audiences the chance to experience the world of dinosaurs and get transported to the Jurassic Age, in the middle of Columbia County. This is a nightly event at the fair, and it’ll appeal to dinosaur lovers young and old.

Sea Lion Splash: You might not think of sea lions when you think of a Georgia county fair, but Sea Lion Splash brings these entertaining creatures to Columbia County with the only traveling, self-contained sea lion show in the country. When the animals aren’t performing, you can watch them swim around and play, bringing a playful energy to the fair’s lineup.

Carrie McQueen Ultimate Stilt Walker and Juggler: Performer and artist Carrie McQueen takes stilt walking to a whole new level with eye-popping costumes and a wildly entertaining show full of juggling, comedy, and plenty of family fun. Every year there’s a new surprise, so be sure to check out her show at this year’s fair to see what whimsical creations she’s dreamed up.

Big Demolition Derby: On November 4 and November 8, the Stoney Roberts Demolition Derby rumbles (and crunches, grinds, and crashes) into the Columbia County Fair for two shows only. Check out 4-cylinders, mini vans, mini pick-ups, mini SUVs and more as the company’s best “mechanical warriors” collide in a mash up that’s fun for the whole family.

As you’re planning your trip to the Columbia County Fair, check out our list of places to stay, places to eat, and things to do during your stay. This year’s lineup promises plenty of entertainment and fun for the family, so get ready to experience one of the region’s most celebrated events of the season. For a complete listing of events, hours of operation and specials, visit here.