Outdoor Augusta Adventure Camp

Monday, June 05, 2023  •  9 AM - 4 PM
Betty's Branch

An active camp for young outdoor enthusiasts.

Each camper will have the opportunity to become familiar with kayaking, canoeing and paddle boarding.


Oa Riverside camp adventure leaders will provide basic paddling instruction, safety and knowledge of boating. As well, campers will learn about the Savannah River including the habitat and animals that surround our greatest local natural resource!

After morning paddle excursions, campers will have lunch and hammock time at Riverside Park followed by games, crafts and outdoor fun! Campers will also participate in river clean up challenges.

B.Y.O.L (bring your own lunch)

Each camper is reonsible for bringing their own lunch. Oa Riverside will provide an afternoon snack each day, water coolers for refill, and a pizza party the last day of camp.

In the past we have done a camp that was only at Riverside Park as well as a Serene 18 Week that included all the water trails in our area, utilizing our bus to transport us and the kayaks. We are now going to limit the weeks and only do the Serene 18 style camp. Those weeks proved to be the most fun, as well as the best for learning about the geography of the CSRA and the best opportunity for learning to paddle.  In addition, there will be days of the week where we will visit local museums that have to do with our waterways.

This year we will also be hosting a youth kayaking trip that paddles from Savannah Rapids down to North Augusta Boat Ramp. Separate from Summer Camp, this trip will take place on the Savannah River and be done in one day. Mild rapids are involved with this trip and paddling experience is required.  This experience is called River Daze. Last year we made this first accent on the last week of camp and it was major fun.

Dates & Pricing

Summer Camp Weeks!

$250 Per Week

June 5th-8th

July 10th-13th 

Monday -Thursday 9AM - 4PM

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