By Sabrina Shutters

As seen on WFXG


COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. - What started as a cotton farm in the 1930s has grown into more than 100 acres of many kinds of fall activities for families to enjoy at Steed's Dairy in Columbia County.

It's a fall wonderland that'll have the kids singing "Old McDonald Had a Farm".

"Some kids come out here, have never seen a cow, never seen a goat or a pig," Jim Steed said.

When Steed told his late father he'd turn the farm into more than 100 acres of fall fun activities, he couldn't believe it would work.

"I told him what I was going to do because I was in the process," Steed explained. "He said, you mean that people are going to pay you to walk through a corn maze?"

Today, it's a success. "Last year, we had over 14,000 kids," Steed said.

They get multiple schools a week coming in for field trips. The staff at the farm teach the kids all about the animals and farming. 

"Miss Molly weighs upwards of about 1,700 pounds," one of the staff members told the kids. Miss Molly is pregnant with a baby calf that's due any day now.

At Steed's Dairy, there's a pumpkin patch and a corn maze for folks to enjoy. "It's easier to get lost in this one," Steed said about his corn maze.

They also have a petting zoo complete with a trio of pigs. "They're brother and sisters," Steed said. "So, we just kind of brought them together."

The farm had emus in the petting zoo last year, but they decided against having them this year.

"Actually, a lady lost her engagement ring. Because she was, she was holding her hand out to pet him and they're attracted to shiny things. So it just grabbed it off her finger," Steed said. "So I had to spend the next three weeks searching the pen for the ring."

He said he was never able to find the engagement ring. "It's in there somewhere. I don't know where it's at," he said