In a gathering on Friday, December 8, the Columbia County Hospitality Committee coordinated a special Breakfast Appreciation event to extend its collective gratitude to the dedicated men and women of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office. The event, held at the Evans Sub-station brought together members of the local hospitality community to express thanks for the Sheriff's Office tireless efforts in maintaining the safety and security of our community.

Organized by Visit Columbia County and the Columbia County Chamber of Commerce, the event served as an opportunity to highlight the crucial partnership between the local hospitality industry and public safety.

"We extend gratitude to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office for their unwavering commitment to keeping our community safe. Your dedication ensures that our guests experience not only comfort within our walls but also security in the embrace of a thriving and secure local environment," said Ken Shah, owner of Avid Hotel in Grovetown.


Representatives from various establishments in the hospitality sector shared their stories of collaboration and the positive impact of the Sheriff's Office on the community. Many shared firsthand accounts of the exemplary work carried out by the Sheriff's Office, fostering a stronger sense of unity between local businesses and law enforcement.


"We are immensely grateful for the continuous dedication of the Columbia County Sheriff's Office," said Shelly Blackburn, Executive Director of Visit Columbia County. "Their commitment to keeping our community safe and thriving is essential to the visitor experience and ultimately impacts the local tourism economy. This event serves as a small token of our gratitude for the tremendous work they do every day."