The local heroes of Columbia County, honored on Veterans Day, are the proud owners of several businesses in the area. Once serving in the military, these entrepreneurs have transferred their skills to civilian life and established successful ventures. By supporting these veteran-owned establishments, residents and visitors contribute to the growth of Columbia County while showing appreciation for the sacrifices made by these former service members.

Here are four businesses highlighting the remarkable journeys of their veteran owners:

1. Belair Donuts & Coffee Corner- Owned by Mark and Michelle Parker, both U.S. Army Signal Corps veterans, this eatery offers freshly made donuts, pastries, and a range of breakfast items. After their military service, the Parkers ventured into the restaurant business, dedicating themselves to providing quality food and a friendly customer experience.

2. Laziza Mediterranean Café- Founded by Nader, a U.S. Air Force veteran, and supported by his wife Lisa, a former U.S. Navy member, this restaurant serves fresh, flavorful Mediterranean cuisine. Their commitment to high-quality, authentic Lebanese dishes has made them a beloved spot for food enthusiasts in the community.

3. Nailed It DIY Studio Evans- John and Christina Purkapile, both U.S. Army Signals Intelligence veterans, established this family-operated DIY studio. Inspired by their passion for hands-on creativity, the Purkapiles focused on empowering others through do-it-yourself projects, creating a welcoming and engaging space for the community.

4. Rally Point Grille- Run by Kelly and Tiffany O'Neal, veterans with military backgrounds, this restaurant in Evans, Georgia, serves as a hub for veterans and the local community. With an emphasis on honoring service members and providing a place for sharing stories, Rally Point Grille offers American comfort food and a welcoming environment for all.

These businesses reflect the dedication, skills, and values cultivated during military service, now manifested in their successful ventures. By supporting these veteran-owned establishments, the community not only celebrates their entrepreneurial spirit but also contributes to the vibrant growth of Columbia County.