Looking for budget-friendly ways to make the most of your summer? Dive into our top three summer bucket list ideas that spare the wallet.

From bicycle riding, renting a boat and collecting passport stamps, Georgia’s Columbia County has you covered. An unforgettable summer is always better with more fun and fewer credit card swipes!

  1. Pedal-Power- Bicycle riding is the ultimate summer rite of passage, a ticket to freedom with a dose of helmet hair! Enjoy your sweet ride on two wheels while working up a sweat and dreaming about ice cream afterwards.

It’s the perfect mix of exercise and exploration outside during the fun summer months. Pedal your way to becoming a true trailblazer because those paths don’t explore themselves!

Rentals: Bicycle Peddler, Chain Reaction; Trails: Bombasin Land Trail- a legendary collection of 9 land trails

  1. More Waves, Less Worry- Renting is a genius way to enjoy water adventures without sinking your finances. Whether it’s a chance to whip the kids around on the tube or time spent casting lines for those big fish escape artists, boat and kayak rentals give you all the thrills without the hefty bills.

Make a splash in a Clark Hills Lake rental and embrace the idea of floating your boat, not your budget!

Rentals: Clarks Hill Marina, Keg Creek Watersports, Safe Harbor Trade Winds, and Pointes West Army Resort

  1. Collect & Explore- Why spend a fortune on exotic vacations when you can go on a priceless treasure hunt right here in Columbia County? Collecting a stamp in your National Park Service passport is the budget-friendly summer activity you never knew you needed… because discovering history is an adventure that doesn’t have to come with big vacation price tags! The National Park Service passport program will motivate you to explore while learning this summer. Now, that’s a hobby we can all benefit from!

Need a fun summer challenge? How about collecting a series of 5 animal-themed stamps in your Serene 18 Paddle Trail passport to the great outdoors? It’s a summer goal that’s sure to be a hit with your family and friends! These paddle trips are thrilling conquests, and each stamp is a badge of honor. Plus, wearing the free T-shirt for collecting all the stamps is proof of time well spent!

National Park Service stamp: Columbia County Visitors Center (Augusta Canal Headgates, a National Heritage Area); Adventure stamps: Serene 18 Paddle Trail