Visit Columbia County, Georgia (formerly Columbia County Convention and Visitors Bureau) proudly announces the launch of its new brand, marking an exciting milestone for the region as it steps into a new era of tourism and community pride. The brand was unveiled after months of careful planning and creative collaboration with Augusta-based firm, The Kru. The brand represents a transformative step towards promoting the county's outdoor recreation, natural beauty, and vibrant community.

With a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, the new brand encapsulates the essence of Columbia County. Reflecting the area’s distinctive charm, the brand embodies a spirit of Southern Hospitality, warmth, and a commitment to offering unforgettable experiences for residents and visitors alike.

Driven by a desire to showcase the diverse cultural tapestry and natural wonders that define the region, the new brand positions Columbia County as an inviting destination that celebrates its historical roots while embracing modernity. This innovative identity is set to resonate with both locals and tourists, highlighting the county’s unique attractions, events, and offerings.

"We are thrilled to unveil  Visit Columbia County's new brand, which represents the heart and soul of our vibrant community," said Executive Director, Shelly Blackburn. "This rebranding initiative is not just about a new logo or slogan; it's a reflection of our community's character, values, and the commitment to offering a welcoming and enriching experience to all who visit or call Columbia County home."

The new brand launch is accompanied by an integrated marketing campaign aimed at promoting the county’s distinctive features, from its scenic landscapes and outdoor recreational activities to its cultural events and burgeoning culinary scene. Through a revitalized online presence, engaging social media platforms, and strategic partnerships, Columbia County is poised to captivate a national audience, inviting them to explore and discover the “Playlist of Adventure” within its borders.

Residents, businesses, and visitors can expect to see the new brand featured prominently across various touchpoints, from signage and advertising to merchandise and digital channels. This cohesive approach aims to solidify Columbia County’s position as a premier destination, fostering a sense of pride among residents and inviting newcomers to experience the area’s unique offerings.

As the new brand takes center stage, Visit Columbia County invites everyone to join in this exciting journey and be a part of the story that makes this community an unparalleled destination.

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