Appling, Ga.- For the fourth year in a row, the Archery Shooters Association TRU BALL / VORTEX PRO/AM Tour returns to Wildwood Park on May 16-19.

“We are thrilled that the Archery Shooters Association has again selected Wildwood Park as the venue for this prestigious Pro/Am tournament”, says John Luton, Director of Community and Leisure Services. “Thanks to the hard work of our Parks staff and Roads/Bridges staff, the course and venue are in excellent condition.  We look forward to another great event for all participants and guests.”

Columbia County will see a significant increase in visitors this week due to this prestigious event. This year, the tournament is expected to bring in 1,900 3D archery enthusiasts representing more than 35 states and attracting participants from England, Denmark and Canada. In addition to the participants, there will be over 60 vendors and sponsors. The economic impact to the region is projected to be $1.1 million dollars.