The Columbia County Convention and Visitors Bureau (CCCVB) is excited to announce the launch of Serene18 Paddle Trail, a journey through beautiful liquid landscapes that craft a unique thrill-glide for all in search of everlasting memories.

Visitors will tour 18 squaSerene18 Paddle Trail Passport | Columbia County GAre miles of scenic waterways in Columbia County as they paddle to complete four individual routes in the official Serene18 Passport. These trails include Clarks Hill Lake, Betty’s Branch and Stallings Island in the Savannah River and the historic Augusta Canal. Each trail on the passport will be stamped at predetermined locations or by approved vendors.  Once  visitors conquer the entire trail, the completed passport can then be presented to the CCCVB office. They will then be dubbed an official trailblazer, receive a sweet t-shirt and of course bragging rights. Serene18 Paddle Trail T-shirt “Outdoor recreation has long been one of the biggest assets in our region but especially when it comes to the abundance of water. Serene18 offers the unique opportunity to discover the natural beauty of three bodies of water, uncommon wildlife and historic sites with some only accessible on water.  We created Serene18 Paddle Trail as a marketing tool to package existing paddle opportunities into a user-friendly visitor experience,” said Shelly Blackburn, Executive Director of the Columbia County Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

The concept for Serene18 was born out of desire to attract visitors to Columbia County and provide exposure to amazing paddling experiences that have always been a natural luxury to our area. Visitors will explore and enjoy the tranquil waters of a lake, river and canal, all within a few short miles of one another. The trail welcomes first-timers, families, casual-gliders and aficionados alike.

For more information or to request a FREE Serene18 passport, visit

The Routes

Clarks Hill Lake- Witness the awesome power of water and the genius of engineering while you paddle from Wildwood Park to the massive Clarks Hill Dam. Total Distance: 6 miles; Travel Time: 4-6 hours

Betty’s Branch- Relax on this easy but beautiful tributary of the Savannah River. This route is known for beautiful flora and fauna as well as unique wildlife. Short Route Total Distance: 4 miles; Travel Time: 2- Hours | Long Route Loop Total Distance: 6 miles; Travel Time: 3.5 Hours

Stallings Island- Feed donkeys and goats on the site where the oldest known Native American pottery was found. Total Distance: 2.7 mile loop; Travel Time: 2 Hours

Augusta Canal- Paddle back in time as you travel down the Augusta Canal discovering headgates, locks and mills that date back to the mid 1800’s. Total Distance: 7 miles; Travel Time: 2.5 Hours

Go Kayaking & Paddling Near Augusta on the Serene18 Paddle Trail