What to Wear to the Masters Tournament

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When one thinks of the Masters Golf Tournament, iconic images of azaleas, pristine greens, the green jacket and some of the most thrilling golf moments come to mind. While the Masters is synonymous with springtime in Augusta, the weather can be fickle. To help you be better prepared, we have created a guide of what to wear to the Masters Golf Tournament. Now, the official Masters dress code states that appropriate clothing and shoes should be worn at all times. We’ve offered up some recommendations for the most common attire you will spot on the course.


April is truly one of the most beautiful times in Augusta, with afternoons warming up to a pleasant average of 77º F (25º C). To be most comfortable, we recommend wearing shorts, but keep in mind jeans are not recommended on the course. Men typically wear a collared shirt and women a blouse or casual top (just no t-shirts!). Sundresses and skirts are also appropriate, but keep in mind the length as you may be sitting in the grass at some point during the day. The overall look is often identified as preppy, clean-cut, classic yet comfortable.

While late morning and afternoons are warm, the average low in Augusta during Masters Week is 55º F (13 º C). Therefore, we recommend wearing a light jacket or pullover for cooler mornings. Make sure it’s light enough to tie around your waist or stuff into a bag once it warms up by late morning. You can never go wrong with layers.

Shoes and Bags

If you are a first-time Masters patron, you will be surprised by the many elevation changes across the course. The images on television do not accurately depict the hills and valleys. It is also common to log 5+ miles each day on your fitness tracker. Because of these reasons, we highly recommend comfortable athletic shoes for taking on those hills. Keep in mind the infamous hills can become slippery (especially under the pine trees) after a rain shower making golf shoes an excellent choice. Make sure they do not have metal spikes, as they are prohibited. Ladies, do yourselves a favor and leave the high heels at home. We know they look fabulous on you, but these are some seriously steep hills. You will thank us later!

When planning what purse or bag to take, opt for one on the smaller side. In fact, the Augusta National requires all bags to be no larger than 10”x10”x12” (in its natural state). We highly recommend a cross-body bag to free up your hands for shopping bags and, of course, eating pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches.

If you’re planning to meet up with a friend later, don’t forget Cell Phones are prohibited on the course. Therefore, you will need to wear a watch and keep track of time the old fashion way.

April’s weather in Georgia can be a bit unpredictable with occasional cold fronts or popup thunderstorms. So make sure you are checking the weather ahead of your arrival. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad idea to pack a pair of pants in the event of an unseasonably cold day. Other things you may want to throw into your suitcase include a rain jacket or poncho, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect you from the warm Georgia sun.

Now that you are ready to hit the course like a pro, make sure you dine like a local while you’re here. Most importantly, hotels near the Masters Tournament sell out quickly. Make sure to plan your stay by clicking here!